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The Story of Sophia for International Women’s Day

The Story of Sophia – for International Women’s Day
This is the inspiring story of Sophia, and her journey to become a Mechanical Engineer at DANDO.
As a young mother, Sophia worked part-time at a Fish n Chip restaurant to accommodate raising her family. But after a tragic and traumatic experience, Sophia began her long journey, seeking a greater sense of purpose with a newly sparked desire to pursue a more meaningful life and career.
In her mid-40’s, Sophia made a big decision to leave her former job and start testing her abilities, physically and mentally. Running marathons and enrolling in several academic classes. Which resulted in receiving the highest grades possible. It was at this point that the opportunity to take on a career in Engineering came about, and because of her passion and ability to fix, repair and create, using a basic understanding of mechanics, the decision to tackle such a career was made possible.
For most, the idea of starting something new, in your late 40’s, is more than a daunting thought. But for Sophia, it just had to happen. By adapting and overcoming many challenges in the process, through her deep desire to become an independent and competent Engineer, she has become a well-respected team member.
Since starting work at DANDO in 2021 as a Junior Fitter and embarking on this 4-year apprenticeship, she has successfully achieved her NVQ2 and is now participating in a BTECH, in preparation for an NVQ3.
This goes for show, that no matter your gender, age or current abilities, if you truly want to achieve greatness, it’s just a decision away.

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