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Dando Jackal 4000 Helping Out in Coverack

A Dando Multitec 4000 Mk3 rig performing site investigation in Coverack, Cornwall

Cornish drilling contractor Cormac Ltd has purchased a Jackal 4000 (Formerly the Multitec 4000) for site investigation in the county.

They have been delighted with the performance of the rig on the first site investigation project in the village of Coverack, location to a devastating flood earlier this year.

This machine has been setup for DTH hammer drilling with a Halco Simcas system to simultaneously drill and case in the variable geology. The rig is also retrieving samples using rotary coring as well as window sampling equipment driven by the attached Dando 3D percussive hammer. Data obtained from the drilling will be used to determine how best to manage the effects of the flooding and prevent further damage in future.

Following the Coverack project Cormac have used the Jackal 4000 for site investigation on the A30 St Austell Link Road. The small footprint of the rig allows easy access along the route and coupled with its versatility in both rotary and percussive operations mean it can easily meet the demands of the project.

Fitted with the heavy duty mast option  and a rotary head which produces 6000Nm of torque and up to 750rpm the rig is capable of rotary augering, DTH hammer drilling, coring, mud and air flush open hole drilling as well as a full range of percussive sampling and geotechnical testing equipment using the hammer system.

Read more about the Jackal 4000 by clicking the following link  Jackal 4000 Multipurpose Drilling Rig.

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