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1000 Power Swivel


The 1000 Power Swivel, a preferred model in the Geo-Marine industry, is designed, through close collaboration with the customer, to British ideals of hard-wearing and heavy-duty.


We have worked closely with Fugro Seacore to supply a bespoke model of the 1000 Power Swivel with a customised rotary barrel, incorporating many features to aid the company’s bespoke requirements. Some of the customisations include custom bearing specification, the rotary barrel and a Pneumatic and Hydraulic rotary barrel locking mechanism, a swivel to drill tooling interface and drilling fluid seal system, making this a truly unique 1000 Power Swivel.


All-in-all, this 1000 Power Swivel boasts in a load capacity of 40,000kgf, torque of 21,000mm, a through passage I.D of 150mm and rotation speed of 150rpm.

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