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Terrier Rig Tooling

Dando stocks and supplies a wide range of high quality specialist tooling for use with its Dando Terrier drilling rig, including drive rods, samplers, duplex casing, dynamic probing rods and BWY rods.

Please see further down for product codes and descriptions.

Drive Rods

In order to drive samplers and probes into the ground the Dando Terrier uses solid 1m rods to connect the tool to the drive head.

Terrier Drive Rod

Sampler Kits

Typically 1m long, samplers are used to produce high quality undisturbed samples in soft to medium conditions in both consolidated and unconsolidated geology.

In addition to the sample tube, removable plastic liners can be installed within the sample tube itself. These aid sample presentation and allow easy transportation. Liner end caps can be used to retain the sample and for moisture retention.

If drilling in unconsolidated ground a basket catcher can be added to help retain the sample within the liner.

Terrier Sampler

Duplex Casing

The Dando Duplex Drive system is an innovative system that allows the user to take undisturbed samples while advancing  Duplex casing at the same time. As well as saving time this is very useful in soft ground conditions as it prevents the hole from collapsing as you drill deeper.

Duplex Casing


Dynamic Probing Rods

The dynamic probing technique involves driving a sacrificial or recoverable cone vertically into the ground using rods marked at 100mm intervals. The number of blows for each 100mm of penetration are recorded to measure soil resistance and quality

BWY Rods

Using the high rotary speed application and the side inlet swivel, the Terrier is ideally suited to drilling with a conventional coring barrel with air or water flush. Dando can supply BWY rods in lengths of 1m and 1.5m.

BWY Rods

For product numbers and descriptions please see the tabs below.

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Product Number Product Description
TROD100 Drive/SPT Rod 1m
TRDO100QS Drive/SPT Rod 1m, Quick Start
TCASWREN Casing Collar Tee Wrench
Product Number Product Description
TNIP1.1/2" 1 1/2" Whit Nipple
TNIPQS Quick Start Nipple
Product Number Product Description
TSAM13100 131mm Sampler Complete
TSAM131100QS 131mm Sampler Complete Quick Start
TSAM131HEAD 131mm Sample Head
TSAM131TUBE 131mm Sample Tube
TSAM131RING 131mm Sample Ring
TSAM131SHOE 131mm Sample Shoe
TSAM116100 116mm Sampler Complete
TSAM116100QS 116mm Sampler Complete Quick Start
TSAM116HEAD 116mm Sample Head
TSAM116TUBE 116mm Sample Tube
TSAM116RING 116mm Retaining Ring
TSAM116SHOE 116mm Sample Shoe
TSAM101100 101mm Sampler Complete
TSAM101100QS 101mm Sampler Complete Quick Start
TSAM101HEAD 101mm Sample Head
TSAM101TUBE 101mm Sample Tube
TSAM101RING 101mm Retaining Ring
TSAM101SHOE 101mm Sample Shoe
TSAM86100 86mm Sampler Complete
TSAM86100QS 86mm Sampler Complete Quick Start
TSAM86HEAD 86mm Sample Head
TSAM86TUBE 86mm Sample Tube
TSAM86RING 86mm Retaining Ring
TSAM86SHOE 86mm Sample Shoe
TSAM76100 76mm Sampler Complete
TSAM76100QS 76mm Sampler Complete Quick Start
TSAM76HEAD 76mm Sample Head
TSAM76TUBE 76mm Sample Tube
TSAM76RING 76mm Retaining Ring
TSAM76SHOE 76mm Sample Shoe
TSAM66100 66mm Sampler Complete
TSAM66100QS 66mm Sampler Complete Quick Start
TSAM66HEAD 66mm Sample Head
TSAM66TUBE 66mm Sample Tube
TSAM66RING 66mm Retaining Ring
TSAM66SHOE 66mm Sample Shoe
Product Number Product Description
TCAS143100 143mm Duplex Casing
TCAS143DHEAD 143mm Casing Drive Head
TCAS143DCOLLAR 143mm Casing Drive Collar
TCAS143SHOE 143mm Casing Shoe
TCAS143PULL 143mm Pull Back Head
TCAS143PULLQS 143mm Pull Back Head Quick Start
TCAS128100 128mm Duplex Casing
TCAS128DHEAD 128mm Casing Drive Head
TCAS128DCOLLAR 128mm Casing Drive Collar
TCAS128SHOE 128mm Casing Shoe
TCAS128PULL 128mm Pull Back Head
TCAS128PULLQS 128mm Pull Back Head Quick Start
TCAS113100 113mm Duplex Casing
TCAS113DHEAD 113mm Casing Drive Head
TCAS113DCOLLAR 113mm Casing Drive Collar
TCAS113SHOE 113mm Casing Shoe
TCAS113PULL 113mm Pull Back Head
TCAS113PULLQS 113mm Pull Back Head Quick Start
TCAS98100 98mm Duplex Casing
TCAS98DHEAD 98mm Casing Drive Head
TCAS98DCOLLAR 98mm Casing Drive Collar
TCAS98SHOE 98mm Casing Shoe
TCAS98PULL 98mm Pull Back Head
TCAS98PULLQS 98mm Pull Back Head Quick Start
TCAS84100 84mm Duplex Casing
TCAS84DHEAD 84mm Casing Drive Head
TCAS84DCOLLAR 84mm Casing Drive Collar
TCAS84SHOE 84mm Casing Shoe
TCAS84PULL 84mm Pull Back Head
TCAS84PULLQS 84mm Pull Back Head Quick Start
TCAS74100 74mm Duplex Casing
TCAS74DHEAD 74mm Casing Drive Head
TCAS74DCOLLAR 74mm Casing Drive Collar
TCAS74SHOE 74mm Casing Shoe
TCAS74PULL 74mm Pull Back Head
TCAS74PULLQS 74mm Pull Back Head Quick Start
Product Number Product Description
TDPROD100 Probe Rod
TDPRODCPL Probe Rod Coupling
TDPHCONE Heavy Sacrificial Cone
TDPSHCONE Super Heavy Sacrificial Cone
TDPHCONEREC Heavy Recoverable Cone
TDPSHCONEREC Super Heavy Recoverable Cone
TDPTOPAD Probe Rod Top Adaptor
TDPTOPADQS Probe Rod Top Adaptor Quick Start
TDPBOTAD Probe Rod Bottom Adaptor
TDPKEY Probe Rod Lay Key
Product Number Product Description
100-2701 BWY Drill Rod 1m
100-2703 BWY Drill Rod 1.5m

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