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Furukawa DCR22 Crawler Drill

The Furukawa DCR22 is a premium down-the-hole (DTH) hydraulic crawler drill specially designed for surface drilling at UK mines and quarries.

Rig features include:

  • US EPA Tier 4 final/EU Stage 4 emission control-compliant engine
  • Higher drilling performance and lower fuel consumption
  • Comfortable operator environment with heating and filtered air conditioning, as well as fully integrated multi-functional display
  • Well proven drilling and rod changing system
  • Easy all-round maintenance

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Dando and Furukawa Rock Drill

Dando Drilling is the UK representative for Furukawa Rock Drill.  The Japanese rig and equipment manufacturer has a pedigree stretching back almost as far as that of Dando with the company starting in 1875 following the opening of the Kusakura Copper Mine. This was followed by a manufacturing facility opening in 1900 to build their own mining equipment and, when the demand from other mines for their products was identified, the company was split into three divisions with the Furukawa Rock Drill Company beginning to sell worldwide. Since then, the division has gone from strength to strength with over 35,000 crawler and Jumbo drills being produced from their two manufacturing facilities.

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Operating Weight A- incl. fuels and oils (full): 25,5000 kg (56,227 lb)
Operating Weight B- A plus operator, DTH hammer (5"), bit, drilling tubes (114mm/4.5") & cushion sub: 26,500 kg (58,433 lb)
Overall Length: 11035 mm (36'2")
Shipping Length: 12310 mm (40'5")
Overall Width: 4335 mm (14'3")
Shipping Width: 2700 mm (8'10")
Overall Height: 4750 mm (15'7")
Shipping Height: 3500 mm (11'6")
Track Length: 3785 mm (12'5")
Ground Contact Length: 2980 mm (9'9")
Track Width: 330 mm (1'1")
Ground Contact Pressure (calculated using operating weight A): 127 kPa (18.4 psi)
Ground Clearance: 475 mm (1'7")
Frame Oscillation Angle: 7.5 degrees
Max Tramming Speed: 3.5 km/h (2.2 mph)
Gradeability: 46.6% (25 degrees)
Max. Traction Force: 160 kN (35,969 lb-f)
Type: DowMax ME350
Reduction Ratio: 1:3 071
Max Torque: 4.2 kN-m (3098 ft-lb)
Max Rotation Speed: 120 min (120 rpm)
Bit Range: 89-165 mm (3.5-6.5")
Make & Model: CAT C13 (Tier 4F/Stage 4)
Type: Diesel; Water cooled; 6 Cylinders
Piston Displacement: 12.5 L (2.7 gal)
Power Output: 328 kW @ 2000 min (440 hp @ 2000rpm)
Fuel Capacity: 820 L (180.4 gal)
DEF Capacity: 34 L (7.5 gal)
Model: PDSK900-S20
Type: 2 stage screw compressor
Manufacturer: AIRMAN
Free Air Delivery: 24.3-27 m³/min (858-953 cfm)
Model: JF325
Type: Non-extendable
Boom Lift Angle (Up/Down): 49° / 13°
Boom Swing Angle (Right/Left): 30° / 8°
Model: GH834
Length: 10030 mm (32'11")
Feed Length: 5827 mm (19'1")
Feed Type: Hydraulic motor driven chain
Guide Slide Length: 1500 mm (4'11")
Guide Swing Angle (Right/Left): 88° / 16°
Guide Tilt Angle: 118°
Max Rod Pull-Out Force: 35 kN (7868 lb-f)
Model: A885
Suction Capacity: 75 m³/min (2649 cfm)
No. of Filter Elements: 12
Type of Dust Ejection: Automatic air pulse jet
Model: GR803
No. of Tube Storage: 8 pieces (16' / 5000 mm ) or 4 (20' / 6000 mm)
Tube Length: 5000 mm or 6000 mm (16' or 20')
Tube Diameter: 76 ~ 114 mm (3 ~ 4.5")
Variable Displacement PV Pump: PV Pump x 2
Fixed Displacement Pump: Gear Pump x 3
Hydraulic Oil Reservoir Capacity: 280 L (61.6 gal)
Battery: 12V x 2; 140 Ah/5h
Lights: 24V; 70W x 4
Voltage: 24V DC

*Specifications subject to change without notice

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