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Cable Percussion Tooling

Dando supply all types and sizes of tooling and sampling equipment for use with its cable percussion drilling rigs, including sinker bars, shells, clay cutters, casing and SPT & U4/U100 equipment.

Please see further down for product codes and descriptions.

Sinker Bar

The sinker bar is a weight which is fitted immediately behind any drilling tool required to advance the hole. An intermediate sinker bar can be used to add extra weight to the drilling tools.


Used for drilling soft formations, such as sands and gravel, and for cleaning the hole.


Clay Cutter

The clay cutter provides a rapid method of penetrating plastic clays and similar cohesive soils.


Clack Valve

Clack valve for shell, can be either steel or leather.

Clack Valve

Swivel Rod

Permits the tool string to be rotated easily.

Shell/ Claycutter Shoe

Dando offers a variety of shoes for use with its shells and claycutters including plain, serrated, chisel and gravelling types.

Claycutter Shoe


Used in similar conditions to the claycutter, but easier to empty of plastic clays.


Cross Chisel

Useful for breaking up large stones when drilling in hard formations.

Cross Chisel


Casing can be used as a temporary support in non-cohesive or weak collapsing formations as well as a permanent method of lining a borehole.

SPT Equipment

Standard penetration testing is carried out to determine the density, strength and consolidation characteristics of soil using split barrel samplers. It can also provide disturbed samples for identification of soil components. The recorded blow count is used to determine the resistance to penetration of the soil involved, which can be related to the unconfined compressive strength. The penetration resistance is related to the number of blows required to cause the assembly to be driven 12 inches (300mm) into the ground, after seating using I 401b (63.5Kg) weight falling 30 inches (760mm).

U4/U100 Equipment

(U.4./U I 00) is designed for standard undisturbed soil sampling and extraction of 100mm (4”) cores of cohesive strata for laboratory testing. The main component is the jarring link and drive head adaptor. A core tube with a hardened steel cutting shoe fitted to one end, is attached to the drive head and lowered into the borehole on boring bars. The weight of the latter is usually sufficient for driving the core tube into the formation and a careful check should be kept on the depth of penetration. The standard core tube is 457mm (18″) long and is machined to limits internally. To shear off a core cleanly give the boring bars a full turn in a clockwise direction before extracting.

Undisturbed soil samples should preferably be sealed both ends. For longer cores, two tubes can be coupled together with the special barrel shaped adaptor.

U4/U1000 Tooling

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Product Number Product Description
SISBSWAPI Sinker Bar - 2 1/4" x 3 1/4" API c/w Swivel Bail (86kg)
SISSBAPI Slotted Sinker Bar, API Pin and Box
Product Number Product Description
SIT06SHSC Shell complete with steel clack 5 1/2"
SIT06CLAY Clay Cutter 5 1/2"
SIT06STUB Stubber 5 1/2"
SIT06SSHP Shell/Clay Cutter Shoe Plain 5 1/2"
SIT06STCL Steel Clack for 5 1/2" OD Shell
SIT06STUBS Stubber Shoe 5 1/2"
SIT06CRCH Cross Chisel 5 1/2"
SIT08SHSC Shell complete with Steel Clack 7 5/8" OD
SIT08CLAY Clay Cutter 7 5/8"
SIT08STUB Stubber 7 5/8"
SIT08SSHP Shell/Claycutter Shoe, Plain 7 5/8"
SIT08STCL Steel Clack for Shell 7 5/8" OD
SIT08STBS Stubber Shoe 7 5/8"
SIT08CRCH Cross Chisel 7 5/8"
Product Number Product Description
CAB806150 Casing, 6 5/8" OD to BS 879, 1.5 metres long
CAB806DCL 6 5/8" BS 879 Male Casing Drive Cap
CAB806SHP Casing Shoe, Plain for 6 5/8" BS 879, Female Thread
CAB806BAP Casing Bail and Pin for 6 5/8" BS 879
CAB806CLP Casing Clamps for 6.5/8", BS 879
CAB808150 Casing 8 5/8" OD to BS 879, 1.5 metres long
CAB808DCL 8.5/8" Drive Cap for 8 5/8" BS 879 Casing
CAB808SHP Casing Shoe, Plain for 8 5/8" OD BS 879
CAB808BAP Casing Bail and Pin for 8 5/8" BS 879
CAB808CLP Casing Clamp Plain for 8.5/8 BS 879
Product Number Product Description
SITAPCBAR Tapping Down Bar
SIRRWH300 SPT Rod 3m
SIRRWH150 SPT Rod 1.5m
SISRODAPI Short Swivel Rod, API
SISRODWHI Rod Swivel Short 1.1/2 Whit
SPTHAMMER SPT Auto-trip Hammer
Product Number Product Description
U4HMWCOMP U4 Sliding Hammer, 2 1/4" API complete with Drive Head and Overdrive Tube API

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