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Casing is either used as a temporary support in non-cohesive and weak collapsing formations or as a permanent method of lining a borehole such as in a water well.

Dando is able to provide the following types:

  • Rotary Casing
  • Well Casing
  • PVC Casing

The range of sizes, thread configuration grades and quality is vast, so please contact us with your particular requirements.

Casing Accessories

Drive Head

Used for connecting the casing to the drill head or string in order to rotate the casing either to advance it or extract it. Heads with flushing capabilities are beneficial when having to ream casing.


Placed at the bottom of the casing string in order to cut a hole ahead of the casing. Shoes come in a variety of styles and types for varying needs.

Lifting Plug

Used to lift casing from the floor into the hole. A swivel mechanism is often used in conjunction with a drive head.

Bowl And Slips

Used to suspend the casing in the hole at rig table or floor level in order to add or remove further casing.


Used similarly to bowl and slips


Attached to casing that is usually going to be left in the hole, giving a uniform annular area for packing, cementing etc.For long casing runs it is common practice to weld centralisers on steel casing.

Chain Wrenches

Chain Wrenches for holding casing while making up and breaking joints are available in many sizes.

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